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In April 2012, the combined Koala populations of Queensland, NSW and the ACT were listed as vulnerable under Commonwealth threatened species legislation. Koalas in these states face many threats, including habitat loss, clearing and degradation; drought; fire; climate change; predation by dogs; road kill; disease and inbreeding. In 2010, the Koala population in NSW was estimated to be 21,000 individuals, a 33% decline since 1990.

There are significant opportunities to improve the quality, connectivity values and management of Koala habitat in north-eastern NSW, identified as the stronghold of Koalas in the state. Further, existing conservation initiatives in the region could provide support for Koala conservation work, including two of the eight regional partnerships of Great Eastern Ranges Initiative: the Border Ranges Alliance and the Jaliigirr Biodiversity Alliance.

The purpose of this project is to enhance the conservation of koala habitat in north-eastern NSW by identifying key opportunities to improve management, reservation and connectivity of key koala habitat. This project will provide government agencies with technical data to enable them to set priorities for conservation of koalas and koala habitat. In particular, it will identify areas for that will provide strong conservation benefits through infilling existing reserves of enhancing connectivity, allowing koalas to move more safely across north-eastern NSW.