Maiko-Tayna Kahuzi-Biega

The Congo Basin Forest largest tropical world and plays a key role in the livelihoods of Central African communities. The forest provides critical habitat for wildlife, biodiversity conservation and supplies vital regional and worldwide ecosystem services.

Maiko-Tayna Kuhuzi-Biega is particularly important and diverse. It includes portions of both Congo forest high biodiversity wilderness areas and the Albertine Rift, part of the Eastern Afromontane biodiversity hotspot. It also supports populations of threatened and endemic wildlife including, Okapi, Forest Elephant, Congo Peacock, Chimpanzee, and the entire range of the endangered Grauer’s Gorilla (Eastern Lowland Gorilla). Key Threats to these species include artisanal mining, loss of habitat to farming, poaching and illegal pet trade.

Maiko Map

Taronga partners with the Jane Goodall Institute to support natural resource conservation in Maiko-Tanya Kahuzi-Beiga landscape. Our support assists the projects activities which include  education, health care, family planning, livelihood improvement for locals and  employment of eco-guards to conduct patrols and protect the forest.

Maiko school

Maik eco-guard

Taronga is able to support this project through the They’re Calling on You mobile phone recycling program. Since 2009, Taronga’s They’re Calling on You has raised over $45 000. We receive money from our recycling partner for every mobile phone that can be refurbished and we pass this directly onto JGI. Donate your old mobile phone to help gorillas in the wild. Click on the link to find out more.