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Keeping Supayang Wild with Wildlife Asia

We are working to extend the boundaries of the Supayang Reserve in Sumatra. Currently, the reserve comprises 99 hectares of both primary and good quality secondary lowland forest and is situated approximately 900 metres above sea level. It is home to an enormous variety of endangered and critically endangered species and the overall biodiversity of the area is considerably high. The Supayang Reserve faces immediate threat of being mined and developed and could act as a gateway for illegal loggers and poachers, so continued protection of the area is essential. Increasing the size of Supayang Reserve will enhance the health of the ecosystem which will help maintain the high biodiversity of the area and provide essential habitat for species in the region including clouded leopards and the critically endangered Sumatran tiger.

Wildlife Asia is a non-profit organisation that raises funds in Australia to increase conservation contribution, capacity and efficiency for wildlife conservation. It aims to protect and enhance the natural habitat of Asian wildlife including orangutans, gibbons, Asian rhinos and bears.

What can you do?

Think, then ask before you buy: The global consumption of palm oil is driving the clearance of pristine habitats at unprecedented rates. This is has become a primary threat to Sumatran Tigers and other species throughout Asia. Support Taronga and Melbourne Zoos on the "Don’t Palm Us Off" campaign promoting the accurate labelling of food containing palm oil. Think, then ask before you buy – will what I buy affect wildlife?

Conservation Grants Program

Conservation Grants Program 2013-2014
We have exceptional expertise in our Zoos, but we also need help from like-minded organisations, community groups and conservation experts to protect and regenerate habitats, stop poaching and trafficking of wildlife and find solutions to living with wildlife in local communities.