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Aquaponics for Conservation with Selamatkan Yaki

A major threat to the survival of Sulawesi crested black macaques in Northern Sulawesi are the use of destructive agricultural practises leading to land conversion, habitat loss and fragmentation of populations, and opportunistic hunting. The current project aims to provide low tech combined aquaponic and hydroponic units, termed village aquaponic systems (VAS), to alleviate pressures on the local ecosystem by providing sufficient food to feed a family and thus enable subsistence without undertaking damaging agricultural practises and hunting in the local area.

The development of VAS in recent years has demonstrated that they can achieve high output with low input. More specifically VAS can be created with low cost raw, recycled and/or reused materials; thus considered to be self-sustainable with low environmental impact. This simple measure could significantly mitigate the principal threats which endanger Sulawesi crested black macaques and their habitats and, provide the means necessary for local people in Northern Sulawesi to have a shared future with their neighbouring wildlife, in a way which will provide capacity to peers, students and local villagers, enabling them to use VAS in perpetuity.  

Selamatkan Yaki (Indonesian for ‘Save the Sulawesi crested black macaques’), is an integrated conservation, research and education program focused on the beautiful and charismatic yaki.

What can you do? 

Start an aquaponics program at home: by growing your own fruit and vegetables, you can reduce your carbon footprint, reduce waste and will always have beautiful fresh produce for breakfast, lunch and tea.