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Sumatran Tiger Habitat Protection with Save Indonesian Endangered Species

Way Kambas National Park is the last protected lowland habitat for the critically endangered Sumatran tiger, and is also home to many of its prey species including sambar and muntjac deer, wild boar, Malayan tapir and Malayan sun bear. However, the Park is 75% degraded and it is essential to regenerate habitat into which fauna can expand their range and populations. The project includes long term habitat protection which is essential for delivering a safe environment for tree growth, forest development as well as wildlife activity over the 300sq km target area. This project provides infrastructure and experienced personnel as well as long term protection.

The major threat to the long term project is fire. In Way Kambas National Park, 100% of fires are lit by illegal encroachers and the Taronga grant will be used to upgrade fire response. The grant will enable the purchase of equipment to more effectively fight and prevent distant, fast moving fires and allow fire teams to immediately extinguish them. In combination with an active coordination of community groups for tree planting and protection, this will secure the long term forest development for wildlife.

Taronga’s Field Conservation grant has helped the save Indonesian Endangered Species fund to purchase two 4WD fire trucks and fire fighting equipment in 2014 to enable rapid response to fire. Protection strategies that have been implemented have been highly effective, and trees have grown 2-4 metres in highly in just 2 years. Fire resistant trees are now being used to help grow the forest canopy and reduce inflammatory grasses. This is in addition to planning more elephant-specific food trees and other planting initiatives to improve biodiversity in the area. 


Save Indonesian Endangered Species (SIES) supports conservation of National Parks, protected areas and other wild places of Indonesia by working with communities and supporting local Indonesian initiatives in long term development projects.

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Think then ask before you buy: The global consumption of palm oil is driving the clearance of pristine habitats at unprecedented rates. This is has become a primary threat to Sumatran Tigers and other species throughout Asia. Support Taronga and Melbourne Zoos on the “Don’t Palm Us Off” campaign promoting the accurate labelling of food containing palm oil. Think, then ask before you buy – will what I buy affect wildlife?

Conservation Grants Program

Conservation Grants Program 2013-2014
We have exceptional expertise in our Zoos, but we also need help from like-minded organisations, community groups and conservation experts to protect and regenerate habitats, stop poaching and trafficking of wildlife and find solutions to living with wildlife in local communities.