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1) Scientists have predicted that if we continue fishing our oceans at the current rate and using the current methods, by 2048 there will be no more viable commercial fisheries. That is, catches will drop below 10% of their recorded maximum.

2) Australia’s Fisheries are worth over $2 billion annually, and are our 5th most valuable rural industry (Wool, Beef, Wheat & Dairy are the top 4).

3) 4 issues with current seafood production are: overfishing, by-catch, destructive fishing techniques and disruption of food chains.

4) Sustainable Seafood means seafood produced by a fishery (either wild-caught or aquaculture) that maintains the seafood’s population, and at the same time has minimal impact on the surrounding habitat and other animals.

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Start Your Fish4Life Challenge!
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4 Recipes

4 Recipes
This week we have 4 recipes for you – one for each of the seafoods that we recommend you eat.

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