Habitat Restoration

Site history

Taronga Zoo manages 5.6ha of foreshore bushland along Sydney Harbour.

  • The original inhabitants were the Gai-Maraigal clan
  • Between 1896 and 1912 Impressionist artists such as Tom Roberts and Arthur Streeton set up camp at Sirius Cove and used the view as inspiration for their work

What we do

  • Protect remnant plant communities
  • Encourage and inform the community about the practical aspects of bush regeneration
  • Collect local native seeds and propagate plants for use in restoration projects


  • To provide a home and food for the native wildlife that live here
  • To preserve our special Australian native plants for future generations
  • Threats to bushland
  • Spread of weeds
  • Increased water flowing in to the bush
  • Reduce feral rabbit populations that have an appetite for native plants
  • Trampling by people and dogs
  • Dog faeces