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Bullers Albatross recovering in Rehabilitation Aviaries

Staff from the Taronga Zoo Wildlife Hospital became involved in a wildlife rescue while they were on a scientific sea bird boat trip off the coast of Wollongong. A young Buller’s Albatross (Diomedea bulleri) was caught so measurements could be taken and an identification band placed on its leg, but the crew quickly realised that the bird was very unwell – it had a heavy burden of ticks and was very weak and underweight. The albatross was taken back to the Taronga Wildlife Hospital for a thorough health examination and treatment.

Releasing Bullers Albatross back out to sea

(Wildilfe arrival number 09B339)

After a few weeks in care the bird regained its strength and was feeding well. With the help of the NSW Water Police, it was released out at sea.