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Basic kit for injured animals

How Can Motorists Help Wildlife?

Keep a basic kit for injured animals in your car – a towel, cardboard box and pillow cases is all you should need. Drive carefully at dawn and dusk when many animals are active.

  • Check the pouches of dead animals, as they may contain live joeys.
  • Don't throw food from cars (not even an apple core) as this attracts animals on to the road or road edges.
  • Remove dead animals from the road as they attract meat-eating animals which may then be hit by a car.

First Aid For Injured Animals

  • Check for danger – to yourself, others and the animal. Be aware of the potential for the animal to injure you by biting or scratching if it is still conscious and able to move.
  • If the animal is alive, pick it up using a towel, article of clothing or a cloth, wrap it or place in a well-ventilated cardboard box or bag such as a pillow case.
  • Keep the animal warm and be quiet.
  • Small orphans (pouch young) can be wrapped up and placed inside clothing to provide warmth.
  • Do not offer food or water.
  • Keep the animal away from young children, domestic pets and loud noises.
  • Don't handle more than necessary.
  • Don't stroke or pet the animal.
  • Transport the animal to Taronga or Taronga Western Plains Zoo Wildlife Hospital or veterinary clinic, or contact a wildlife rescue group as quickly as possible.


  • Transport in a well-ventilated cardboard box with a towel on the bottom, pillow case or wrapped in a towel.
  • Place it in a secure and stable part of the vehicle (floor, boot, seat).
  • Minimise noise (turn the radio off and speak softly).
  • Keep the animal at a comfortable temperature (about 26oC) – open windows for ventilation, use air conditioner or heater as necessary. Avoid extremes of temperature.

How to find or contact the Taronga and Taronga Western Plains Zoo Wildlife Hospitals

The Taronga Zoo Wildlife Hospital has a separate entrance to the Zoo, located at the end of Whiting Beach Road, Mosman. Hours for wildlife admissions are 8am to 3:30pm seven days a week. During the week call (02) 9978 4785 for wildlife enquiries and admissions, and on weekends, call (02) 9969 2777 for wildlife emergencies only.

The Taronga Western Plains Zoo Wildlife Hospital in Dubbo accepts wildlife from the main entrance to the Zoo. Please call the hospital first on (02) 6881 1461 to arrange a suitable time to bring wildlife in. Hours for wildlife admissions are from 8am to 3:30pm seven days a week.