Porntip - 'Gift from Heaven'

Year: 1992 

Sex: Female

Porntip - 'Gift from Heaven'

Porntip originally came from an elephant camp on the outskirts of Pattaya in southern Thailand.

She is the matriarch of our group and the other elephants look to Porntip for leadership and guidance. She has a laidback and easygoing personality and gets on very well with all the elephants and keepers alike.

She enjoys a lot of attention and can get quite jealous of other elephants getting attention if she is not included.

On the 10th March 2010 after a long and protracted labour that lasted over a week, Porntip gave birth to her first calf, a young male named Pathi Harn. She has very strong maternal instincts and is a very good mother.

Porntip has a high arched back, a trunk with a large amount of pink pigmentation and round pink pigment patches on her cheeks. She has a significant amount of hair on the top of her head and has no tushes (female tusks).

Asian Elephant