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Elephant walking into a crate

Which elephants went to Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo?

Mothers Porntip and Thong Dee along with their calves Pathi Harn and Luk Chai now live at Taronga Western Plains Zoo.

How were they transported?

Specially designed crates were fixed onto trailers and mother and calves travelled together.

Why did the Elephants go to Taronga Western Plains Zoo?

The four Asian Elephants moved to Dubbo to expand the regional breeding program for this endangered species, with Taronga Zoo to continue its conservation breeding program and Taronga Western Plains Zoo to play an integral role in the program in the future.

How has it affected the elephants to have one group go to Dubbo?

The elephant herd at Taronga Zoo was at a stage of its development that it was the perfect time for the young, rambunctious males to leave that herd and go to their new facilities in Dubbo, along with their mothers. The females remaining at Taronga were relieved to have the energetic males leave. The young bulls are still able to socialise with their mothers, and also as rough-house bachelors in Dubbo. Their mothers are also able to wean their calves gradually, which is as it occurs in the wild.

What does this mean for the herd?

Although the Taronga elephants have developed well as a herd to date, they were always non-related elephants, and the stronger bonds that now exist are between the cows and their calves.

What has happened to Burma, Gigi and Cuddles at Dubbo with the new Elephants arriving at Taronga Western Plains Zoo?

Burma, Gigi and Cuddles will continue to have the same care and attention through our special care program for older elephants. They will still be on exhibit for visitors to see once the elephants from Taronga Zoo arrive.

Will Asian Elephants be bred in Dubbo in the future?

Taronga Western Plains Zoo will play an integral role in the Asian Elephant conservation breeding program in the future.