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Pak Boon - 'Morning Glory Flower'

Name: Pak Boon  - 'Morning Glory Flower'
Born: TBC
Location: Taronga Zoo, Sydney

Pak Boon originally came from an elephant camp on the outskirts of Bangkok in Thailand. She can be very eager to please and seeks attention from keepers, although at times can be a real ‘drama queen'.

Pak Boon is well respected by all the elephants and gave birth to her first calf named Tukta, which is Thai for 'doll' on the 2nd November 2010 at 1.12am. Pak Boon demonstrated wonderful maternal instincts throughout the birth process and is proving to be an excellent and protective mother for Tukta.

Pak Boon has a flatter back profile than Porntip and has a pink pigmented forehead and trunk. Pink pigment patches on her cheeks form triangles and she has a significant amount of long hair on the top of her head. She has no tushes (female tusks).