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Tang Mo - 'Watermelon'

Name: Tang Mo - 'Watermelon'
Born: TBC
Location: Taronga Zoo, Sydney

Tang Mo is extremely intelligent, very energetic and thrives on attention and interaction with her keepers. She is a quick learner and is very enthusiastic in all the games and activities we do with the elephants. She is the most vocal elephant in our group and sounds like she has swallowed a rubber duck when communicating with keepers and the other elephants.

Tang Mo has offered incredible support to both Thong Dee, Porntip and Pak Boon since the birth of their calves. She is very protective and maternal towards the calves and she is demonstrating that she will be an excellent mother when it is her turn to have a calf of her own.

Tang Mo is a tall and slender elephant with a high rounded back and is already as tall as our older females. She has a kinked tail and a narrow trunk. She has no pink pigment patches on her at all and while she does have tushes (female tusks) they are not visible under her trunk.