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Elephant Home at Taronga Zoo

Taronga and Taronga Western Plains Zoos are home to 11 Elephants in total across the two sites at Sydney and Dubbo.

At Taronga Zoo the elephant exhibit has two levels with large upper and lower paddocks joined by a steep incline. The upper paddock has a deep moat where the elephants can swim and fully submerge. It also has mud wallows, an earthen mound, shade structure, and various feed and enrichment stations. The large barn is heated for winter and includes rubberized floors. The lower paddock follows the contour of the hill and ends with a large waterfall and wading pool.

The male elephant facility has been constructed on the former site of the heritage-listed elephant temple. This site now combines modern design with the charm of the original temple. The male elephant facility includes a large barn, a swimming pool, shade structures, feed and enrichment stations, mud wallow, earthen mound and massive logs.

At Taronga Western Plains Zoo the elephant facility stretches across five large paddocks which have swimming pools, mud wallows, and shade shelters along with dirt and grass mounds for the elephants to use at their leisure.

Taronga Western Plains Zoo recently added to its elephant facility in 2014, building a new elephant barn and two new paddocks. The new state-of-the-art three-stall elephant barn has been constructed from a thermal mass concrete to provide better insulation and has been designed to take advantage of natural sunlight to assist with heating and drying the barn throughout the year. The new barn also features automated louvers for cross ventilation as well as hydronic solar floor heating to heat the sand beds for the elephants and a 10kW solar system on the roof which powers all three barns at the facility.   

All three barns at Taronga Western Plains Zoo are equipped with heating for the winter months and the Elephants are provided with the option to sleep inside the barn or outside in the behind-the-scenes paddocks during the warmer months.