Koala's Jump!
Thursday 20th January 2011
Koala's Jump!

A koala jumping from branch to branch is something that most people are surprised to see but it’s something that happens often. With their long claws and amazing climbing ability, koalas find jumping from branch to branch quiet easy and sometimes even jump from tree to tree in the eucalypt forests.

Jumping is a much safer option than climbing all the way to the ground to swap trees, as they can avoid predators like wild cats and dogs. Koalas are very fussy eaters and always on the search for young juicy green shoots so it’s important that they do move around to find food.

Unlike gliding species of Australian animals, koalas are only able to jump a few meters which they carefully measure up before they take the plunge. It’s not uncommon to see young koalas practicing their jumping between small forks in a tree and as they build up their confidence they start to jump longer distances.