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This paper will review unprovoked shark attacks in the Sydney region in relation to possible contributing factors including discharged pollution from  abattoirs, sewage and rubbish into Sydney Harbour and Sydney ocean beaches from 1852-2014.

Shark attack records for the Sydney region from 1852-2014 totalled 83 unprovoked cases (see Table 1). The review will look at two distinct Sydney regions 1.) Sydney Harbour (estuaries, creeks and rivers), and 2.) Sydney ocean beaches.

This paper will discuss the potential impacts on shark behaviour from 1.) Direct discharge into the harbour from large abattoir operations (offal and other byproducts) and urban sewage, 2.) Dumping of rubbish, sewage and offal into the ocean off Sydney heads by barge, and 3.) Discharge of sewage and abattoir byproducts via the ocean outfalls along the coast of Sydney. The review will also look at possible effects on shark behaviour due to changes to Sydney Harbour ecosystems related to estuarine habitat reclamation and industrial pollution.

Download the paper below: