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We are investigating threats facing Platypus and developing practical management strategies that can be implement to protect wild populations and improve ecosystem health.

This project will gain a better understanding of platypus conservation status, determine its primary threats and recommend changes in land management and irrigation. We will:

  1. Gather and collate all available data on the distribution of the platypus to increase our understanding of factors impacting on conservation status of the Platypus nationally;
  2. Improve understanding of the impact of water extraction on platypus health and distribution;
  3. Combine these findings with climate models to project future habitable areas of Australia;
  4. Recommend methods to avoid or ameliorate threatening impacts of agricultural practices on platypus populations and ecosystem health;
  5. Incorporate into zoo educational material and campaigns to increase awareness and implement legislation protecting platypuses. Preliminary work has been undertaken.

Project Partners:

Taronga: Dr Rebecca Spindler, Dr Karrie Rose
UNSW: Prof. Richard Kingsford, Prof. Bill Sherwin
Conservation: Australian Platypus Conservancy