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Sustainable Produce

Taronga has a strong stance on environmental sustainability, animal welfare and conservation associated with food products it sells and serves at its various food outlets, functions and events.

Taronga Sustainable Purchasing Policy

Taronga has a Sustainable Purchasing Policy in place to ensure that environmental sustainability is considered when purchasing goods and services.

Within this policy Taronga is ensuring that supplier adhere to the illustrated requirements:

  • A total of 85% of office paper to contain recycled content
  • A minimum 4-star rating under the Minimum Energy Performance Standards Scheme (MEPS)
  • A minimum of 4-star rating under the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards Scheme (WELS)
  • Products and services for outdoor use Smart Approved WaterMark

The policy can be viewed here: 

Sustainable Procurement ISO20400

Taronga is also in the early phase of investigating how sustainable procurement can be improved to make it more holistic, be based on a scientific approach and aligned to the new Sustainable Procurement Standard ISO20400, which has been launched early 2017.

As part of this objective, a sustainability scorecard is also in the process of being developed, which is anticipated to have significant impact to ensure sustainability is taken into consideration throughout Taronga’s supply chain.

Anne Karin Kehlhofer – Manager, Environmental Sustainability.