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Choosing the right breed

Our dogs Tully and Boy were excited to sniff out the contents of their special packages!

Before purchasing your new family member make sure you research which breed best suits your lifestyle. 


  • Make sure your puppy has as many positive experience with other dogs (puppies and adults) as you can
  • Get together with some friends that have dogs that you are familiar with
  • Supervise interactions with young children, this will also teach children how to interact with a dog
  • Make your dog feel safe while letting it experience things it will be exposed to in your daily life. Cars, loud noises, people wearing funny hats and so on. Remember all of these experiences should be positive ones
  • This training should be continued even as an adult 

Behavioural problems

With basic dog training, we need to work out what the dog may see as a reward. You may be surprised by the types of human reactions that the dog may see as rewarding, for instance:

  • Pushing the dog off when he jumps up – the dog receives physical interaction
  • Shouting at the dog – vocal interaction
  • Chasing the dog if he is running away – a really fun game

A great rule to adhere to throughout your life with your dog, is simply to IGNORE the unhelpful behaviour and always, always reward the behaviour that you would like him or her to repeat. A reward can be as simple as praise or play.