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Birds require a lot of room so provide them with a large outside aviary as well as a cage inside.

They love to CHEW so always give them access to fresh branches and toys. 


Provide them with a varied diet of seed, fruit, pellets  (remember a sunflower seed to a parrot is like a mars bar to us so use in moderation). 

Behavioural problems

Parrots can feather pluck due to boredom, so provide them with lots of enrichment, especially things to chew.

Some parrots scream, normally early in the morning and in the evening.

If a parrot bites it means YOU are doing something wrong, not the parrot.  

Life expectancy

Some parrots can live up to 80 years or even longer, so take that into consideration before buying a parrot.

Basic training

You can train your bird using positive reinforcement  for such things as:

  • Getting their nails trimmed
  • Walking into a pet pack
  • Being restrained in a towel for vet checks

This training can give your parrot a fun and interesting life and helps build a better relationship between you and your pet.