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The Indian (or Greater One-Horned) Rhinoceros is found throughout southern Asia, and is valuable economically and ecologically. 


As part of the Indian Rhino Vision 2020, this project expands on a successful program that moves Indian Rhinos from Kaziranga National Park to Assam. This reduces the pressure on Kaziranga National Park and protects the future of the species by creating a separate, sustainable population.

The Indian Rhino is threatened by poaching and a lack of habitat. These pressures mean that managing the small wild populations is vital to maintaining their health and viability. The same principles are intrinsic to zoo based populations and Taronga is proud to support this conservation initiative, which is based on sound scientific principles.

Asian Rhino Project (ARP) is a non-profit, volunteer organisation raising awareness and support for the three Asian rhinoceros species. The ARP was founded in 2003 by Kerry Crosbie and a small group of fellow zoo keepers.