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Regent Honeyeater In Natural Habitat

The endangered Regent Honeyeater is under threat from extensive habitat degradation and fragmentation due to extensive clearing for agriculture. Numbers are thought to be lower than 1000 adults.

This project will engage students from three schools in the Capertee Valley area in New South Wales to restore habitats for the native Regent Honeyeater. It will also involve the schools and local community in seed planting, nest box making and installation, bush food workshops, and learning about indigenous links to biodiversity.

Taronga Zoo has kept and bred Regent Honeyeaters for many years and has released many into the wild in recent years. The engagement of the Taronga Education Centre adds a new dimension to engage the community in facilitating the longevity of suitable habitats, and the future of the Regent Honeyeater.

This education program follows the success of the Taronga Education Centre with similar programs focussing on Little Penguins and Booroolong Frogs.

Rod Cheal