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The Hatinh Langur is a critically endangered primate species in Central Vietnam.  Past hunting techniques have left the population of Hatinh Langurs fragmented, living in small isolated groups, which increases the risk of inbreeding and disease.

Francois Langur at Taronga Zoo

Before their release into the wild, a group of captive-bred animals were transferred from the Endangered Primate Rescue Centre (EPRC) in Vietnam to a semi-wild enclosure. But before this population could be released into the Cuc Phuong National Park, surveys of habitat viability and current distribution had to be undertaken. These have provided valuable information on the population distribution and potential reintroduction sites.

EPRC staff have been supportive and helpful throughout Taronga’s own Francois’ Langur breeding program, and the birth of our first infant, Elke. This program continues with another two langurs recently arrived from China.

The Endangered Primate Rescue Centre located at Cuc Phuong National Park, southwest of Hanoi, Vietnam, is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the rehabilitation, breeding, research, and conservation of endangered primates, and to the protection of their habitats.