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Silvery Gibbons, or Javan Gibbons, are critically endangered arboreal primates, living in the rainforests of Java.

Silvery Gibbons in her natural habitat

The Javan Gibbon Centre was established in 2002 as a rescue and rehabilitation centre for the endangered Silvery or Javan Gibbon. The aim of the centre is to rehabilitate ex-captive gibbons and victims of the illegal pet trade, and reintroduce suitable gibbons into protected habitats.

This project allowed the construction of a soft release enclosure in an identified trial release area. As a result, two gibbons have been successfully released from the Javan Gibbon Centre into natural habitat. The release of these two gibbons into Pattiwel forest is the first-ever release for the species and represents a major step in the conservation of this endangered primate.

The Silvery Gibbon Project is based in Perth, Western Australia. Established in 1991, the project raises funds for the conservation of the Critically Endangered Silvery Gibbon (Hylobates moloch), a primate found only in the jungles of Indonesia.