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The Tjilpa People are the traditional custodians of Ipolera land, a floristically significant site in the West MacDonnell Ranges, about 170 km west of Alice Springs. This magnificent country is the spiritual home of Tjilpa, a dreamtime creature that we know of as the Western Quoll. They have kept the Dreaming alive even though Tjilpa itself has not been seen in Central Australia for generations. The newly formed Tjilpa Back to Country Steering Committee has the task of bringing the Western Quoll back to Ipolera. 

The first priority is to perform a Flora and Fauna Audit at Ipolera to assess the present condition of this ecosystem and to provide base-line data from which to develop management decisions relating to all conservation and land management projects in this area such as feral animal control, fire management and the eventual construction of a feral animal-proof fenced area that will protect Western Quoll and other locally extinct species, and allow for Tjilpa to return to its spiritual home.

Video from Ipolera field trip (Please note that images of deceased Indigenous people are contained within this video)

Alice Springs Desert Park presents and interprets the Australian desert environment and its inhabitants, and contributes to the conservation of Australia's desert flora and fauna. The accuracy, authenticity and appropriateness of its presentation and interpretation and the quality of its scientific work are key to their success.

What can you do: Domestic animals present one of the greatest threats to the Tjilpa and other native animals, you can help all Australian wildlife by being a responsible pet owner – keep your pet inside or on a lead. Find out more here.