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Largescale Reforestation in Indonesia with the Friends of National Parks Foundation

The Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve (LRWR) is one of the last areas of original forest in Borneo. It is crucial habitat for many unique and important species, including the orang-utan. LRWR is a designated orangutan release location, but over 60% of the 56,000HA is cleared or severely degraded by gold and gem mines, logging and oil palm plantations.

The aim of this project is to improve forest connectivity and function by creating 40 hectares of forest corridors inside Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve. This will involve maintaining saplings and planting 16,000 trees in corridors (10km long, 40m wide), involving local communities in planting, conducting conservation education sessions in local schools, and donating a recently established nursery to the local village as a commercial enterprise selling saplings to other reforestation projects. It is expected that the newly created 40 hectares of forest will provide food, protection, and opportunities for wildlife in 7-10 years, and natural regeneration of forest within 10 years.

Friends of National Parks Foundation (FNPF) is a local non-profit organisation working to preserve Indonesia’s wildlife and habitats. The philosophy of FNPF is that we are all connected. They take a holistic, balanced and comprehensive approach that recognises the inter-relatedness of human beings, animals and the environment.

What can you do? The global consumption of palm oil is driving the clearance of pristine habitats at unprecedented rates. This is has become a primary threat to Sumatran Tigers and other species throughout Asia. Support Taronga and Melbourne Zoos on the “Don’t Palm Us Off” campaign promoting the accurate labelling of food containing palm oil. Think then ask before you buy – will what I buy affect wildlife?