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This spectacular bird needs our help!

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Alligator lizard

We are working with Zoo Atlanta to help local communities in Guatemala to build and manage a forest that meet their own needs and the needs of the Alligator lizard.

The valley of Potrero Carrillo in Jalapa, Guatemala encompasses the remaining habitat of the endemic and critically endangered Campbell’s Alligator Lizard (Abronia campbelli) These forest remnants are distributed among seven private farms surrounded by 12 villages. Because there are private land owners, businesses and local communities that have a significant impact on this lizard and its habitat, it is imperative to take conservation measures engaging the total local civil society. As part of a larger program that incorporates conservation, education and land restoration this proposal will focus on three key conservation objectives:

  • Creation of the first ever community managed forest in the area (10,000 trees);
  • Expansion of the current habitat restoration program to all seven farms in the valley (8,000 trees);
  • Restoration of habitat for 100 species of birds, mammals and reptiles along with the restoration and protection of the water shed.

Zoo Atlanta partners with the Foundation for the Endangered Species of Guatemala on a new project to protect alligator lizards (Abronia campbelli) called Project Abronia. The program is modeled after Project Heloderma, another successful partnership between Zoo Atlanta and the Foundation for the Endangered Species of Guatemala that works to save Guatemalan beaded lizards.

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