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Over-harvesting and illegal trafficking of reptiles for the western pet trade is recognised as a primary threat to many species’ survival. The most effective place to intercept trafficked endangered species is at the point of export, on borders. This interception requires legislation to protect species at risk, and for enforcement officers to recognise the protected species as they come through ports. This project provided a practical field guide to help front-line enforcement officers identify turtles.


Reduction of reptile trafficing


Confiscated animals often cannot be released into their natural habitat due to the conditions in which they have been held in during transit and the risk of disease transfer. Taronga has provided or assisted in finding suitable housing for these species. We are working with the Asian Turtle Conservation Network to reduce trafficking at the source.

Cuc Phuong Turtle Conservation Centre has provided training for wildlife protection officers from more than 35 provinces in Vietnam. This specialised training is focused on explaining the critical threat to turtle survival posed by the turtle trade in Vietnam.