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Defending Uganda's forests

The New Nature Foundation has won our support for the Kibale National Park again this year. The project has grown in leaps and bounds, bringing sustainable alternatives for fuel and growing affection for the local’s National Park .

At the intersection of central and east Africa, Kibale’s patchwork of rainforest, grassland, swamp and riverine habitats provides a home to many wildlife species, some found at Taronga’s Zoos.  Tragically, the balance that once existed between humans and this unique mix of fauna and flora has all but vanished. Small scale logging by an ever-growing population is a major threat to the park’s wildlife. The Kibale Fuel Wood Project & Kibale Eco-Char Initiative help safeguard biodiversity and improve people-park relations through empowerment of local citizens to reach greater energy efficiency. Over the last four years, the New Nature Foundation has calculated that over 4 million kg of wood has been preserved. All communities immediately surrounding the National Park have been converted to the efficient stoves and are now running workshops on turning food and garden waste into combustible briquettes. In 2016-17, we will continue adapting the successful methodologies to further promote people living in harmony with wildlife and spreading the technology to other communities.

New Nature Foundation is based in Uganda and staffed by Ugandans who are passionate about their environment. The New Nature Foundation strives to conserve wild animals and wild places through education, empowerment, and an emphasis on creative solutions that promote people living in harmony with nature.

What can you do?

Reduce your footprint: The demand for energy has impacts all over the world, not just in the communities next to wild areas and animals. To lighten your impact on the world’s resources, switch to green power and ride your bicycle or take public transport to work.