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Keeping Supayang Wild - Wildlife Asia Sumatra

This year we have expanded our support for the local NGO Kalaweit and Wildlife Asia to lock up land for conservation.

The Supayang Reserve, Sumatra (previously supported by Taronga Foundation), now over 240ha, is home to an enormous variety of Critically Endangered and Endangered species and efforts continue to acquire surrounding land that faces immediate threat of being destroyed. More importantly, this land is adjacent to a large protected area of almost 20,000ha, as well as Kalaweit Conservation Centre, which houses Siamang, Agile Gibbon, Malayan Sunbear and the only captive population of the Critically Endangered Klosses Gibbon. Without locking this land up, it is in danger of being developed and of providing a pathway to the protected area for illegal logging and poaching. The Reserve is also now protected with a horse patrol unit and regular paramotor patrols. Another 50ha can be secured which presents a unique opportunity to permanently secure land for conservation. The land will be purchased in Kalaweit Project Director, Aurelien Brule’s (Chanee) name and leased back to Kalaweit for a period of 99 years ensuring local legal requirements for land ownership are met as well as guaranteeing the long term protection of this area.

Wildlife Asia is a non-profit organisation that raises funds in Australia to increase conservation contribution, capacity and efficiency for wildlife conservation. It aims to protect and enhance the natural habitat of Asian wildlife including orangutans, gibbons, Asian rhinos and bears.

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Think, then ask before you buy: The global consumption of palm oil is driving the clearance of pristine habitats at unprecedented rates. This is has become a primary threat to Sumatran Tigers and other species throughout Asia. Support Taronga and Melbourne Zoos on the "Don’t Palm Us Off" campaign promoting the accurate labelling of food containing palm oil. Think, then ask before you buy – will what I buy affect wildlife?