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Mitigating Farmer-Predator Conflict in Southern Africa

By supporting Anatolian Shepherd Dog programs run by Cheetah Outreach, we are helping to stop predation of livestock and the resulting conflict with carnivores in Namibia.

It is estimated that 400-500 free-ranging cheetahs live, outside of protected areas in South Africa. The major threat to their survival is conflict with livestock farmers and subsequent habitat loss.  Traditional forms of predator control are random, indiscriminate and ineffective, with many non-target species killed by traps and poison, while simultaneously failing to provide farmers with stock predation relief. The introduction of Anatolian Shepherd dogs to protect livestock eliminates the perceived need for farmers to use lethal predator controls – a win: win solution for farmers, cheetahs, other predators and other non-target species. The use of Anatolians as livestock guarding dogs (LGD) in Africa was first introduced in Namibia (Marker 2005).   Following this success, in 2005, Cheetah Outreach implemented the project in South Africa and has spearheaded its ongoing roll-out and development. The programme also educates farmers, local communities and young learners about the cheetah, effecting a generational change of mindset.Cheetah Outreach has shown the effectiveness of LGDs with up to a 98% reduction in stock losses after dog placement. It is vital to develop this programme further, expanding its coverage to support more farmers in critical border areas with Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

Cheetah Outreach are dedicated to promoting the survival of the free ranging, Southern African cheetah through environmental education and delivering conservation initiatives.

What Can You Do?

Avoid your own pet’s conflict with wildlife by keeping them inside or on a lead. A single cat can kill up to 100 animals in a year, so it's really important to keep your cat inside. This will also protect your fur-friend from being hit by a car, chased by a dog, diseases or poisoned.