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Protecting the Silvery Gibbon

We are again partnering with the Silvery Gibbon Project to protect gibbon populations re-introduced to Java, restore habitat and reduce poaching pressure.

Gibbons are recognised as the most threatened primate Family globally. The Javan Gibbon is under considerable threat, occupying the most densely populated island on the planet. Threatened by massive habitat loss and fragmentation they also face ongoing poaching pressure, usually for the wildlife trade. The first Gibbon Protection Unit (GPU) was established in 2014, operated by the Javan Gibbon Foundation (JGF) in collaboration with the Silvery Gibbon Project (SGP), to protect a reintroduced population of Javan gibbons in West Java.  This model has proven effective and funding is required to ensure ongoing operation of the GPU in this priority area. The role of the GPU is to protect the biodiversity in this area against illegal activities through regular patrolling, monitoring and reporting illegal activities. The GPU also works in collaboration with a Mobile Conservation Education Unit (MCEU) in raising awareness about conservation in the region. Together, they conduct socialization and education activities with local communities to ensure support of conservation efforts and to encourage community values for the protection of wildlife and habitat. The GPU also play an important role as forest rangers encouraging local communities to take part in restoring fragmented forests and educating them about the need for a balanced ecosystem. The operation of GPU in West Java is expected to reduce the current poaching pressure on the Javan gibbon population, allowing the population the opportunity to stabilise and eventually increase. With limited remaining habitat, the Javan gibbon population is expected to be reinforced with reintroduced ex-captive gibbons and wild to wild translocations, with eventual meta-population management strategies implemented.

The Silvery Gibbon Project aims to raise funds for Javan gibbons and other gibbon species

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