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This spectacular bird needs our help!

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Pangolins are the most trafficked animal in the world

The most trafficked animal in the world is a focus of conservation efforts by Save Vietnam’s Wildlife, and now we are helping to plan the best way of conserving this fascinating species.

Save Vietnam’s Wildlife hopes to begin creation of the Pangolin Conservation Action Plan (PCAP)from April 2016, to coincide with current research into pangolin trade, trade routes, consumption and consumer behaviour, the main threats to pangolins within Vietnam, and the current distribution of the species within the country and an overview of pangolin conservation within the last 5 years. The PCAP will provide framework which focuses attention on the pangolin, and lists a set of priorities and time-limited targets for conserving the species in Vietnam. Development of the PCAP relies on active participation of stakeholders, to ensure buy-in and therefore the delivery of agreed upon actions to reach time-limited targets. This support will help the creation of a 5-year PCAP, to be followed by all relevant pangolin stakeholders throughout Vietnam, including government departments (Federal Police Department, Border Customs, Environmental Police), field conservationists, and NGOs/NPOs both currently working with pangolin and those planning on focussing on the species in the future. This PCAP will represent the first time a coordinated approach to the conservation of the species is adopted within Vietnam.

Save Vietnam Wildlife commits to protecting and increasing populations of threatened wildlife in Vietnam by rescuing threatened animals, protecting entire populations and ensuring secured habitats. We act to identify and select the best solutions which encompass high conservation value, are scientifically based, consider human requirements and empower people to take informed action.

What Can You Do?

Be a Witness for Wildlife: Around the world, wildlife is being stolen from the wild or killed to be sold for traditional medicines, restaurant dishes, fashion or souvenir items or pets. Globally, illegal wildlife trade is the second greatest threat to species survival. For Pangolins it is the greatest. Report unusual or suspicious wildlife activity – Whether you’re at home or travelling, if you see something, report it. You might see it at restaurant, a market, a souvenir shop or even if you are walking in a National Park or bush land, this problem occurs in most countries around the world, including Australia.