Congratulations to the winners of our Dino Adoption competition on Taronga Zoo's Facebook page. The lucky 30 people below will receive a Muttaburrasaurus E-doption pack valued at $48.00.

If you didn't win you might like to purchase a Dino Adoption or join our Facebook page for more great competitions, animals updates and quizzes.


C. Knott, NSW

D. Scott, NSW

J. Osborn, NSW

Steven, NSW

N. Howarth, NSW

S. Payne, NSW

M. Lyng, NSW

C. Wood, NSW

N. Bailey, NSW

S. Grey, NSW

L. Newton, NSW

C. Wells, NSW

E. Nohra, NSW

D. Jones, NSW

M. Scheib, NSW

S. Osmand, NSW

J. Fowler, NSW

C. Plumb, NSW

H. Bernstein, NSW

N. Skinner, NSW

Michelle, NSW

E. Hayes, NSW

P. Graham, NSW

D. Keppie, NSW

L. Chawner, NSW

K. Clark, NSW

E. Saunders, NSW

K. Eagle, NSW

A. Galvin, NSW