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Pronounced mut-tah-buh-ruh-sore-us and meaning ‘Lizard from Muttaburra, Queensland’. It was discovered in North-eastern Australia from the cretaceous period (100 million years ago).

Measuring an average of 7 metres long and 2.5 metres tall, the Muttaburrasaurus could weigh up to 4 tonnes.

Discovered in the 1960’s, these Dinosaurs probably walked on two or four legs and ate all kinds of prehistoric plants.

Their bulging nostrils may have been useful for sniffing out the best food or for making loud ‘booming’ calls in the forest just like a Koala whose useful noses can sniff out the best leaves from more than 600 different types of eucalypt.

The Koala is facing extinction. Koala habitat is fragmented and decreasing. Taronga is working to restore and reconnect koala habitat in north-eastern NSW to provide corridors for koalas to find food and mates. You can help by adopting our Koalas today!

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