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The Regent Honeyeater Insitu project is a school and community-based project that, with the support of many partners, has established itself in the wider communities of the Capertee Valley, NSW and Chiltern, Victoria.

Love Your Locals - by the Regent Honeyeater Squad of Chiltern Primary

Today (Wednesday 17 April) we had a visit from Kerry, a teacher and keeper from Taronga Zoo and the Taronga Zoo Youth At The Zoo. They talked to us about the Regent Honeyeaters. We watched a video and saw some pictures on the Internet. We went for a walk together up into the bush near our school.

Day with the Y@TZ By Preston, Jezebel and Alaina of St Joseph's School in Chiltern.

On Tuesday the 16th April the Y@TZ [Youth at the Zoo] came down with Rod and Kerry and other zoo keepers from the Taronga zoo to release some Zoo bred Regent Honeyeaters into the local forest.

Another early start for YATZ, but this time it was off to school! By Maya and Bekki

Another early start for YATZ, but this time it was off to school! The third day at Chiltern was spent with the excited and enthusiastic year 4, 5 and 6 students of St. Joseph's Catholic School.

Regent Honeyeaters arrive! By Maya

Day two was a very significant day for YATZ. Apart from a sleep in, the Regent Honeyeaters also arrived! We started the day by visiting the bird keepers at Mt. Pilot National Park (the release site for the Regent Honeyeaters), and helped with setting up some tracking equipment.

First day in Chiltern! by Elizabeth, Simon and Maya

The first real day at Chiltern! YATZ woke up excited for the day ahead, and after eating breakfast and making lunch, everyone set off to meet the bird keepers at the site where the Regent Honeyeaters will be released.

Getting ready to head down to Chiltern by Alicia

Today we had a day at Taronga to get us ready to head down to Chiltern for the wild release of 38 Critically Endangered Regent Honeyeaters

Regent Honeyeater pre-trip session by Maya

On Saturday 6 April, the 15 Youth At The Zoo (YATZ) who are all going to Chiltern in Victoria for the Regent Honeyeater release came to the Zoo for a pre-trip session. The YATZ all learnt a bit about the Regent Honeyeater and its history, and how it is really important to protect this unique bird, because they are a vital part of the ecosystem.