Ask An Expert Webcasts

Ask An Expert Webcasts


This video conference series will connect school students with Taronga Zoo’s world leading experts in conservation, animal recovery, sustainability and animal welfare and husbandry. 

Find out more about how the work we do in Conservation Science, Education and Wildlife Health contributes to Taronga's vision of securing a shared future for wildlife and people.

Get to know the people that work tirelessly to create breed and release  programs, discover new understandings, change community perceptions and take care of animals.   

Students will be able to ask questions of these experts and receive first-hand information into what it takes to work for Taronga Zoo and the wide array of career pathways available to follow.


Students and teachers can register individually at home or as a class with their teacher.

Spaces are limited and registration is essential.

Register via the Ask An Expert Video Webcasts registration form.

Video conferencing via Blue Jeans Events

This series will be conducted via Blue Jeans Events. Once you have registered, you will be emailed instructions on how to connect with Blue Jeans Events one week prior to the conference date. Blue Jeans Events does not require any applications to be installed or downloaded, you will be sent a link to connect to via your preferred internet browser.

These webcasts will be recorded and available to students and teachers upon request.

Available dates

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DateFocusTimeStudent Audience
Thursday 4 June 2020Taronga has an absolute commitment to the conservation of wildlife in Australia and around the world in protecting and sustaining wildlife in their natural habitats. But we cannot do this without your help! Hear from our Community Conservation team in the vital role they play in educating our community about endangered animals and they action everyone can take to help!11.30am to 12pmPrimary
12.15pm to 12.45pmSecondary
Thursday 11 June 2020Jose has been a keeper at Taronga for over 15 years. Jose currently works in Taronga's Marina Mammal precinct and has trained and cared for a diverse range of animals. Working very closely with our Seals and Sea Lions, much of Jose days are spent training the animals for the daily Seal Show. He also spends a lot of his time advocating for sustainable seafood and litter-free oceans, to protect our oceans and all marine life!11.30am to 12pmAll students
Thursday 11 June 2020Taronga’s successful breeding programs are driven by a team of world-class experts who play a vital role in the international effort to protect endangered species. Tune in to hear from our Senior Reproductive Biologist Rebecca Hobbs about her critical work in cryopreservation and developing breeding management tools that are aiding in the long term preservation of ecological communities.12.15pm to 12.45pmSecondary
Thursday 18 June 2020Bringing species back from the brink of extinction is no easy task. Meet Taronga's Manager of Conservation & Recovery Programs, Andrew Elphinstone, who is part of a passionate team of conservation scientists, destined to save some of our most at-risk species. Speak directly with the expert about one of Andrew's major rewilding programs, The Sanctuary; a 110Ha purpose-built breeding facility for Greater Bilby and Plains Wanderer.11.30am to 12pmPrimary
12.15pm to 12.45pmSecondary
Thursday 25 June 2020Learn how Taronga takes care of its native mammals.11.30am to 12pmAll students
Thursday 25 June 2020Ever wondered what it is like to work as a vet at the zoo? Tune in to hear from Taronga Western Plains Zoo vet Michelle Campbell, about her unique experience caring for animals in an open range zoo. Learn about how she cares for these diverse patients and her critical work in rehabilitating injured wildlife brought in by the public.12.15pm to 12.45pmAll students


DateFocusTimeStudent Audience
Thursday 2 July 2020Being a Carnivore Keeper at Taronga Zoo Sydney is a highly sort after job. These experts are responsible to the care, health and wellbeing of such animals as the Sumatran Tiger, Sun Bear, Red Panda and Meerkats. Learn from these experts just what is involved in their daily work and how to ensure these animals are safe and healthy.11.30am to 12pmAll students
Thursday 2 July 2020Through research, education, action and advocacy, Taronga is leading vital work that supports wildlife, habitats and communities across the globe. Tune in to hear more about this work from one of our very own conservation biologists Neil Jordan. During this session, you will have the opportunity to learn about Neils research and work in Africa around carnivore ecology, communication, and managing human-wildlife conflict.12.15pm to 12.45pmAll students
Thursday 9 July 2020Learn how Taronga campaigns wildlife conservation.11.30am to 12pmPrimary
Thursday 9 July 2020Learn how Taronga campaigns wildlife conservation.12.15pm to 12.45pmSecondary