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Backyard to Bush is a distinctly Australian exhibit where you will be immersed in the excitement and wonder of the natural world. You will travel from the familiarity of a typical urban house full of creepy, crawly, slimy and scaly wild creatures and a host of household pets, through a farm packed with fun and adventure, to the mysterious bush, which includes a gigantic, walk-in wombat burrow. 

Animals are our closest neighbours. They are fascinating and special. It is our job to care for them and the environment. Backyard to Bush provides amazing opportunities to get involved, to discover and of course have fun!

House and Backyard

What beasts have you been bunking with?

The Backyard to Bush house is full of the creatures we share our everyday lives with. From the birds, rabbits and frogs that are our pets to the cockroaches in the kitchen drawer, mice in the wall, the Diamond Python that lives under the water tank and Redback Spider that lives in the outdoor dunny! Explore the house to see all of these animals and more. Learn how we can all live in a way that's better for our environment . . . it's not hard, it's easy, come and see how! Backyard to Bush is supported by Sydney Water.

Piglet at Backyard to Bush


On the Farm

Working Together

At the farm you will meet chickens, sheep, goats, pigs and even slugs in the letterbox. See and learn how we rely on animals for food and other products. Get down and dirty on the farm and discover how important domestic animals are to our busy lives. Explore some new ways of farming in Australia such as yabbie and native bee farming.

In the Bush

Where the wild things are!

Experience the wild and wonderful at Backyard to Bush. The Bush is unexplored, unfamiliar territory where you can let your imagination run wild! Discover how much fun the bush can be, especially when you come across a gigantic wombat burrow. . . you should see the wombat that dug it! Get ready to explore.