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Today (Wednesday 17 April) we had a visit from Kerry, a teacher and keeper from Taronga Zoo and the Taronga Zoo Youth At The Zoo. They talked to us about the Regent Honeyeaters. We watched a video and saw some pictures on the Internet. We went for a walk together up into the bush near our school.

We all broke up into groups with five of our school students and two YATZ to go on a scavenger hunt. We had to find three green things, an insect, a feather, three pieces of rubbish, a wizard’s wand and a leaf eaten by a caterpillar. We had to take a photo of a bird and of our team when we hugged a tree. We wrote on postcards and Kerry will send them for us.

We walked then, back to school for recess. After recess, we had time to ask Kerry (the awesome Zoo teacher) and Ryan and Imogen (cool YATZ) some questions about the Regent Honeyeaters.

We had a great day. Thank you YATZ and Kerry and Taronga Zoo. Please come back and visit again.