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On Saturday 6 April, the 15 Youth At The Zoo (YATZ) who are all going to Chiltern in Victoria for the Regent Honeyeater release came to the Zoo for a pre-trip session.

The YATZ all learnt a bit about the Regent Honeyeater and its history, and how it is really important to protect this unique bird, because they are a vital part of the ecosystem.

YATZ discussed what their role on the trip will be. They’ll be participating in many exciting activities, including visiting some local schools and helping the students learn more about their local bird,  the Regent Honeyeater, as well as planting trees in order to regenerate the habitat of this species, especially because they have suffered from major habitat loss.

YATZ also addressed how they would take what they learnt on the trip back to their school and community, and educate others about the need to look after the Regent Honeyeater and the plight of this Critically Endangered native animal.

Overall, YATZ had heaps of fun discussing and organising their trip to Chiltern, and can’t wait until a week’s time for a memorable experience!

By Maya Yaffe, YATZ member.