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Day two was a very significant day for YATZ. Apart from a sleep in, the Regent Honeyeaters also arrived!

We started the day by visiting the bird keepers at Mt. Pilot National Park (the release site for the Regent Honeyeaters), and helped with setting up some tracking equipment.

At around midday, two of the keepers set off to collect the first group of birds from the airport, and returned to find a bunch of very excited YATZ! As the birds were being fitted with tracking equipment, YATZ was privileged enough to witness this happening, it was amazing to see the tiny transmitters placed on the birds.

Next it was off to Albury airport to collect the second group of birds, this time, we got to go and help collect them. We all watched as the crates were loaded off the cargo jet and collected them from the Animal Collection Area, and then birds were back to the bush for some more medical checks.

At night we enjoyed a fire and a barbecue dinner with the bird keepers, not far from the Regent Honeyeater's temporary homes (five massive tents!). Kerry took us for a wildlife night walk, and despite not spotting any wildlife, some of us spotted shooting stars!

After an exhausting day, YATZ were all quite relieved to return to their sleeping bags, for a good night's rest before our visit to the primary schools in Chiltern tomorrow!

By Maya Yaffe, YATZ member.