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Term 3, 2015

 Week 1

 Mon 13th July

Tues 14th July

Wed 15th July

Thurs 16th July

 Week 2

Mon 20th July

Tues 21st July

Wed 22nd July

Thurs 23rd July

 Week 3

Mon 27th July

Tues 28th July

Wed 29th July

Thurs 30th July

 Week 4

3rd August

Tues 4th August

Wed 5th August

Thurs 6th August

 Week 5 

Mon 10th August

Tues 11th August

Wed 12th August

Thurs 13th August

 Week 6

Mon 17th August

Tues 18th August

Wed 19th August

Thurs 20th August

 Week 7

Mon 24th August

Tues 25th August

Wed 26th August

Thurs 27th August

 Week 8

Mon 31st August

Tues 1st Sept

Wed 2nd Sept

Thurs 3rd Sept

 Week 9

Mon 7th Sept

Tues 8th Sept

Wed 9th Sept

Thurs 10th Sept

 Week 10

Mon 14th Sept

Tues 15th Sept

Wed 16th Sept

Thurs 17th Sept




Term 4, 2015

 Week 1


Tues 6th Oct

Wed 7th Oct

Thurs 8th Oct

 Week 2

Mon 12th Oct

Tues 13th Oct

Wed 14th Oct

Thurs 15th Oct

 Week 3

Mon 19th Oct

Tues 20th Oct

Wed 21st Oct

Thurs 22nd Oct

 Week 4

Mon 26th Oct

Tues 27th Oct

Wed 28th Oct

Thurs 29th Oct

 Week 5 

Mon 2nd Nov

Tues 3rd Nov

Wed 4th Nov

Thurs 5th Nov

 Week 6

Mon 9th Nov

Tues 10th Nov

Wed 11th Nov

Thurs 12th Nov

 Week 7

Mon 16th Nov

Tues 17th Nov

Wed 18th Nov

Thurs 19th Nov

 Week 8

Mon 23rd Nov

Tues 24th Nov

Wed 25th Nov

Thurs 26th Nov

 Week 9

Mon 30th Nov

Tues 1st Dec

Wed 2nd Dec

Thurs 3rd Dec

 Week 10

Mon 7th Dec

Tues 8th Dec

Wed 9th Dec

Thurs 10th Dec

 Week 11

Mon 14th Dec

Tues 15th Dec

Weds 16th Dec

Thurs 17th Dec