Encouraging communities to help our habitat

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Plant a tree

Plant a native tree

In many areas of NSW, due to human encroachment, much of our bushland is becoming smaller and smaller! In addition infrastructure developments, such as roads and buildings, can divide up the natural environment creating obstacles for our wildlife. This not only fragments their habitat but can negatively restrict their movement and distribution.

By helping to plant native tree and/or shrub species in your local area or even in your own backyard, you are helping to create more space for our animals to explore and roam as well as providing a food source and possibly even a safe place to make a home.

Lend a hand

Lend a hand

At Taronga Conservation Society we want to secure a shared future for wildlife and people. But we cannot do this without your help and support!

We encourage everyone to get involved in their local community – perhaps join a Bushcare group or wildlife network near you. Your council will have a list of volunteer opportunities available. If your local area does not currently have a volunteer group, why not contact your council and get your whole community involved?

By helping to maintain our bushland and reserves, we will not only be supporting our Australian fauna but ensure their safety and survival for the future!

Watch out for wildlife

Watch out for wildlife

So much of our Australian wildlife lives within close proximity to our cities and towns. This means that there is a higher risk of casualties and/or fatalities. However by being aware of the local fauna in your area, you can help ensure their survival:

  • Watch out for wildlife – be aware of the local species in your area.
  • When driving in the early morning or evening, make sure you keep an eye out for any animals that may be trying to cross the road.
  • Be responsible pet owners. Make sure any cats and/or dogs are placed inside at night and that all cats have collars with bells and dogs are always on a leash outside of your home.
  • If you see any injured animals on our roads, call your local wildlife rescue organisation for assistance. If you feel comfortable, you can try and them and bring it to a veterinary hospital near you.
Tell your friends

Tell your friends

By spreading the word about Project Habitat and our calls to action, you can support our native wildlife even further! Be proactive – tell your family and friends how they can help!

If you can achieve one of these 4 items, then you’ll be supporting our Australian animals in the wild. If you have done all 4 items and want to do more, why not download our helpful factsheets on creating backyard sanctuaries for the wildlife in your local area. If you have any questions regarding Project Habitat, please do contact us – we would love to hear from you. Email: projecthabitat@zoo.nsw.gov.au