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The Regent Honeyeater Insitu project is a school and community-based project that, with the support of many partners, has established itself in the wider communities of the Capertee Valley, NSW and Chiltern, Victoria. The Taronga Zoo Education team is delighted at the chance to once again work with the communities from within Regent Honeyeater habitat. The willingness of students and adults to embrace the conservation of this remarkable bird is very exciting, and the enthusiasm for the Regent Honeyeater Insitu project is growing. This April, we are excited to take Taronga YATZ (Youth at the Zoo) to Chiltern to assist in the release of 65 Taronga-bred birds.

Through the project, YATZ and local Chiltern students will learn about the Regent Honeyeater’s biology, threats to its survival and the best course of action to help secure a future for the species.  Students and YATZ are engaged in activities such as collecting and propagating seed, bush regeneration, building and monitoring nestboxes, observing, tracking and monitoring local bird species.

Action supporting the increase of habitat (box gum forest and scrubby under storey) will occur in May and August 2013 as we continue with the Regent Honeyeater project. During this coming season of the project, there will be a significant tree planting effort in the Capertee Valley, where over 5000 trees have already been planted in the past. This is also strongly attended by YATZ. It is anticipated these measures will form an enduring, positive impact on both local habitat and community action, all designed to secure a future for the Regent Honeyeater, with just 400 pairs of these beautiful birds estimated left in the wild.

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