Stage 5: Exploring Ecosystems

Stage 5: Exploring Ecosystems


Ecosystems are complex, incredibly diverse and come in all different sizes. This workshop allows students to explore how energy flows through food chains and food webs as well as considering the importance of keystone species.

Students will have the opportunity to meet a range of incredible animals and investigate the roles that they play within their native ecosystems.

This workshop also investigates the threats and challenges to ecosystems and the roles and the role that we can play in protecting them. 

What's involved

This workshop is available at Taronga Western Plains Zoo Dubbo. See below for further information.

At school

Watch the videos to discover how ecosystems change when species are removed then reintroduced or even when an ecosystem is facing intence pressures. Investigate the role of the Platypus and Booroolong Frog within their ecosystems. What are the threats they face? How could this affect all other aspects of the ecosystems in which they live?

At the Zoo

Taronga Western Plains Zoo Dubbo
Meet some Australian animals, design a living food chain and discuss food webs. Hear about the important work Taronga is doing to challenge the threats against the Playtpus and Booroolong Frog in the wild. Discover how Taronga is doing vital work to reintroduce important animals like this back into wild environments.


Stage 5

  • SC5-14LW analyses interactions between components and processes within biological systems
  • SC5-2VA shows a willingness to engage in finding solutions to science-related personal, social and global issues, including shaping sustainable futures