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10 Week Unit of Work


This 10 week unit uses a project based learning approach which enables students to explore the real world challenge of conserving endangered species.

Students will be empowered to take action within their communities, which significantly contributes to the conservation of locally threatened species.

Time Allocation

Geography, 1.5 hrs per week, English, 2 of 6 hrs per week, Visual Arts, 1 hr per fortnight

Geographical Issue

How can endangered species be saved?


To advocate for a threatened species and to take action to help protect its future. 


Written and endorsed by Department of Education curriculum specialists, the 'Schools for the Wild - Taronga's Legacy Species' unit comes with the following resources: Community conservation campaigning at your school.

  • A kids teaching kids event via video conference
  • Resource for introductory lesson
  • Fact file for each Legacy Species
  • Support materials to use Google My Maps


  • Geography: GE3-1, GE3-2, GE3-4
  • English: EN3-2A, EN3-3A, EN3-5B
  • Visual Arts: VAS3.2, VAS3.4

For more information:

Call 02 9978 4578

Email education@zoo.nsw.gov.au