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This unique overnight experience offers a great way for students to learn about animals and the environment. Students will immerse themselves in a special evening safari tour, an early morning walk and up close animal encounters. Cost includes dinner under the stars, accommodation, breakfast and entry to the Zoo the following day.

ZooSnooz - Sleepover at the Zoo

Available Dates

ZooSnooz is available to book during school terms,  Monday – Thursday from 5.15pm - 9.00am and includes Zoo entry the following day.


Additional dates for groups of up to 60 have been added.  Please see latest availability below:

  • June – 19, 20, 21,
  • July – 30, 31

For small groups of up to 30 students please see availability below:

  • June - 12
  • July - 24, 25, 26, 30
  • August - 1, 13, 29
  • September - SOLD OUT
  • October - SOLD OUT
  • November - SOLD OUT
  • December - SOLD OUT

To be placed on our waiting list please email education@zoo.nsw.gov.au with your school name and student numbers.  We will email waitlist schools throughout the year if any dates become available.

Participants: Minimum 10, maximum 90 


Student Numbers

Total Package Cost

10 – 20


21 – 30


31 – 45


46 – 60


61 – 75


76 – 90


Supervising teachers and parents are free at a ratio of one per 10 students. Extra adults pay $90.00 each. Extra adult numbers must be negotiated with Zoo Education at the time of booking.  All prices include GST and must be paid prior to your arrival at Taronga Zoo.  


All cancellations must be notified in writing to education@zoo.nsw.gov.au as soon as possible. Any cancellation of ZooSnooz bookings within 14 days of booking will incur a fee of $1,950. Full costs will be charged for cancellation within 48 hours of confirmed visit date.