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 Student with Seal

"I loved this course; it provided such an amazing insight into what goes on at the zoo and the amount of work behind it all, that alone was worth it.  But the content was fantastic and inspiring! Thank you!!"
Kellie, 2010


"I was so blown away by the Animal Training course, it was by far the best experience I have ever had. I have come away extremely inspired and confident that a future working with animals is what I want to continue to pursue. All I wanted to do today was head back to the zoo. The amount I learnt over the two days is amazing and I have come away with so much motivation. I can't rave enough about Brad and Kristy, they did a fantastic job and I will not hesitate to sign up for any animal related courses Taronga may offer in the future. All of the tours were extremely informational and in particular I gained so much from the bird tour behind the scenes. The keeper showed so much passion and love for his job and animals, it's the first time I've seen someone express so clearly how I feel about wanting to work with animals. THANKYOU for this fantastic opportunity, it was more than I ever expected."
Renae, 2009

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