Wildlife Crisis Response

Wildlife Crisis Response

At Taronga, we believe that through education, we can work together to shape the mindset of the next generation of conservationists and inspire them to action.​​​​​​​

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We believe conservation education is more important than ever and we appreciate how distressing the bushfire crisis has been for so many, including young people. Throughout the immediate drought and bushfire crisis, Taronga has been critical in the NSW response by helping to save wildlife from devastation through provision of emergency shelter, medical care and rehabilitation. Taronga has two expert wildlife hospitals, the largest zoo conservation science team in southern hemisphere and 15 recovery programs underway at present to save Australian Native species. 

We believe we can convey the message of hope to your students by discussing the wildlife crisis response and what everyone can do to make a difference for both people and wildlife. 

Seven species have already recovered from extinction through Taronga’s conservation work. Together with you and your students help, we can ensure the future of many more species.

We encourage you to book a Wildlife Crisis Response workshop, as part of your excursion.

Or, via video conference.

Bring the Zoo to you

Alternatively, if you need us to bring the zoo to you, a Sydney Zoomobile incursion can deliver the Wildlife Crisis Response workshop right to your classroom and provide animal encounters for your students.