Stage 1: Bug Garden

Stage 1: Bug Garden


Invertebrates are crucial in all ecosystems. In this workshop, your students will explore Taronga’s gardens to examine a rich variety of wild invertebrates and meet some of their predators. They will learn to identify different types of invertebrates and discover if they are a pest or a friend. All of this can be practically applied back in a school setting to design ways to improve the bug balance of your gardens.

What's involved

This workshop will be delivered in the Backyard to Bush House at Taronga Zoo Sydney and is also available at Taronga Western Plains Zoo Dubbo. See below for further information.

At school

Become an invert investigator! Conduct a simple fieldwork activity for a hands on investigation. Discuss the purpose of an animal's spine with your class, identify animals with and without spines and then head outdoors to find and record the vertebrates in the gardens at your school. 

At the Zoo

Taronga Zoo SydneyTaronga Western Plains Zoo Dubbo

In 2020 this workshop will be merged with our Backyard Buddies workshop. This new workshop will cover the same syllabus outcomes and involves similar learning activities. For more information, please contact Sydney Education team.

Meet some of Taronga Western Plains Zoo Dubbo's invertebrates and talk about the role they play both at the Zoo and in the environment. Make yourself a bug buddy!


Stage 1

  • ST1-4WS investigates questions and predictions by collecting and recording data, sharing and reflecting on their experiences and comparing what they and others know
  • ST1-5WT uses a structured design process, everyday tools, materials, equipment and techniques to produce solutions that respond to identified needs and wants
  • ST1-10LW describes external features, changes in and growth of living things
  • ST1-11LW describes ways that different places in the environment provide for the needs of living things